...here is a selection of pictures from around Bristol and also a new gallery from the country side - I hope you enjoy them.

These are all very low resolution copies of the actual images, which can be seen and purchased directly at The Guild in Park Street, Bristol.

If you would like to purchase these directly please contact me via the "Contact Us" section and I will reply to your enquiry. Prints can be supplied in 2 sizes. The print sizes are 12" (wide) x 6" (high) and 36" (wide) x 12" (high).

I have also had the pleasure of having four of my images displayed in the Tate Gallery (Tate Britain) ,London, as part of the 'How We Are: Photographing Britain exhibition in 2007.'

The train drivers at Bristol docks during the harbour festival. (PS if you know who either of these two are please let me know)!

Fields just north of Bradford Upon Avon; opposite the Golf Club.

The Tate Gallery page on 'How we are: Photographing Britain'

In either case the prints are professionally developed and not created on a home/office printer; therefore they have a deep lustre and will last.

Thank you for your time.

James Hoeksma

Quote from Fuji paper web site:

"Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Product benefits:
• Unrivalled image permanence.
• Brilliant colour reproduction with accurate colour rendition and smooth tones.
• Brilliant highlights and outstanding whites.
• Enhanced sharpness with excellent definition.
• Processing stability."